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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Written by Red Falcon



From the vantage of Aaron Oliver , her father did become the Evil Green Ranger and all the troubles that went with it. She is planning to change that. Also, in this future the world knows who the Power Rangers are, so don't have a cow. Ha, Ha, Ha.


"Aaron, you can't do this to me, to us. Damn it, I thought you changed. You're still only thinking of yourself. Get back into bed and let the doctors check you over." her father says.

"What's the point ? I know what they're going to say. Zordon already told me after that last fight with Magna and his goons. I'm dying and there's nothing anyone can do about it. I'm not going to spent my last days in a hospital and that's that. I've got to finish that energy project Mark and I were working on and I need something from the Command Center. Don't worry, dad, I'll be all right. What more can that bastard, JorGon, do to me, now, huh ? I do love you, no matter what happens that will never change. I've got to go." Aaron says.

She finishes getting dressed and walks out of the hospital. When she is a good distance away from him, she teleports to the Command Center. When the field dissipates she falls into Alpha startling him badly.

"Aaron, what are you doing here ? You should still be in the hospital." he asks.

"I couldn't stand it anymore. Is it ready ?" she says. She looks up at Zordon.

"Why are you taking this kind of risk ? You know your father would not approve." Zordon says.

"I have to do this, Zordon. It may be my last chance to make up for all the terrible things that I've done. I've got to do this." Aaron says.

"Then at least take one of the other rangers with you. You are still weak from the fight and the surgery to handle this alone." Zordon says.

"No. If I screw up, I don't want anyone else to get hurt." Aaron begins.

"If you make a mistake the others may cease to exist anyway." Alpha says.

"No, they will have their lives. The only one that will die, if I blow it, is me. But I won't, too much depends on my not blowing it. I've seen it happen a thousand times in my dreams and I know I can do this." Aaron says as she gets ready to travel through time.

Zordon watches her a moment before trying another tactic.

"Do you realize that time travel will adversely effect your health ? You are already losing your sight. What happens if this trip kills you ?" he says.

"I've already thought of that. I found this old power crystal. Strangely enough it gives me strength. I've programmed the Time Gate to accept the crystal's energy so I can take it with me. It's not a cure all but it will let me survive the trip back into the past and with any luck get home safe. It's almost time. Don't worry I'll do my level best to come home to die. Just remember not to tell anyone what I've done until I've gone and whatever you do don't let any of them follow me. Take care of Micos for me, he's been a faithful friend from the beginning. Good bye, Zordon." Aaron says as she steps through the Time Gate.

"I have the strangest feeling that we shall never see her alive again." Alpha says.

"Do not worry, Alpha. Aaron will try and maybe even succeed where we have often failed. Perhaps it is fate that the daughter of the Green Ranger is the one to save him." Zordon says.

* The viewing globe comes to life with the history of the Green Ranger from the time Rita Repulsa kidnapped him from the alley to the final battles he fought as a Power Ranger only a few short years ago. Tommy is a scared and bitter man these days as he watches the next generation of Power Ranger doing the things he used to do. He even looks at his only daughter with bitter envy as she commands all his powers and his zord. With out realizing it, Tommy's bitterness has colored his judgment and feelings toward her. She has suffered because of it. Aaron has tried all her life to make her father proud of her and finally gave up when, in a rage, he finally told her how he really feels.

"You can't do anything right can you, Aaron. Damn it, how could you go off and do something so stupid. Look at you. I told you, you couldn't enter that race. You did and now your in the hospital. Stupid, thoughtless, arrogant." Tommy rants.

Kimberly comes up to him, "Take it easy. She can't even hear you. She may never hear anything again. The doctors don't have any hope of her ever coming out of the coma." she says tears in her eyes.

"You'd like that wouldn't you, father ? Well, no such luck." Aaron says.

Her voice is weak but distinct. She opens her eyes and looks up at him. After almost a year Aaron has finally come out of the coma. The doctors examine her in great detail. After all the tests are complete they give her and her family the bad news.

"Her heart has suffered considerable damage and is far weaker than it should be for a teenager. The damage wasn't caused by the crash, Mr. Oliver. From the look of it, it happened when she went to rescue those trapped scientists. She must have run into something there and whatever it was affected the heart muscle. The cardiac muscle while it is still functional it will continue to get weaker until eventually it stops and she dies. She can still keep up with the martial arts but any strenuous activity is out of the question. The other thing that you need to know is of a more immediate problem. If you look at this X-ray you will see a bad skull fracture right above the vision centers of her brain. It looks like her vision has been effected. From what we can tell right now her sight is fine but with all the fighting she does she could go blind right in the middle of a battle. Now I know that she is an expert in Martial Arts but even an expert gets hit in the head from time to time. All I can suggest is that she be extremely careful. Unless you can convince her to give up her place as a Ranger she will end up going blind at a critical moment." the doctor says.

"Aaron won't give it up no matter what. She's got too much of her father in her. Are you sure that there's nothing that can be done?" her mother asks.

"I'm afraid not, Mrs. Oliver. I've consulted with specialists all over the planet and several others. No one has the skill or the technology to correct this kind of injury. I am sorry." the doctor says.*

** Three years before the race, she joined the Power Rangers as the Green Ranger and things really got bad at home. Her father never went so far as to actually hit her but he made no secrete of how he felt. Aaron stayed away from home as long as she could get away with and never brought any friends home. One day after a rough battle with MasterVile, Aaron collapsed in a heap when the rangers returned to the Command Center.

"What is wrong ?" Zordon asks when he sees her on the ground.

Jeremy picks her up and lays her on the cot Alpha brought out for her. No one knows about her heart problems.

"She is just tired. The fight has taken a lot out of her." Alpha begins.

Then he runs a scanner over her and nearly short circuits.

"Zordon, there's something dreadfully wrong with Aaron."

His scans linger around her head. "My scanners are picking up an aneurysm deep with in her brain." Alpha says.

"What ?! Is there anything you can do?" Jeremy asks.

"I'm afraid not, Jeremy. Right now there is no danger of it exploding on her but

eventually it will and it will kill her. One more thing to worry about." Alpha says. **

It is only in the last few months that Aaron and her father have started to get along and now this.

Aaron tumbles through the corridors of time. She loses all sense of reality. All of a sudden the ground comes up and smacks her in the face.

"Shit ! Where in the hell did I land ?" she asks herself. Aaron looks around.

"Just great. The park, at night wonderful, well now is as good a time as any to get started." she says to herself.

She checks for her morpher and the crystal around her neck. The morpher is under her shirt, safe against her skin, and the crystal is glowing in the night sky. She gathers her wits and concentrates. Aaron disappears from the park and finds herself in Rita's treasure room and she begins to search for the Green Power Coin. She is nearly ready to check another room when she spots it. Pulling the morpher chain from under her shirt she takes her already powered coin, she exchanges it for the dormant one and places it in her morpher. She leaves the treasure room and is about to leave the palace when an explosion rips through the corridors. Just as Aaron is teleporting out she is caught in it. She is knocked senseless and lands near someone's gathering, a little too close for comfort to someone.

"Shit !" Aaron heard the voice exclaim. Sunlight momentarily blinds her as she fumbles for something to lean on. Aaron stumbles back as her vision clears.

"What the hell ? What's happening ?" Zack stammers totally suprised.

Kimberly approaches the confused girl.

"Stay back! Don't come near me!" Aaron says, scared out of her mind.

The explosion has rattled her already confused mind and a confrontation with anyone would be disastrous.

"It's all right. Where did you come from ? What happened ?" a concerned voice asks.

"I'm not sure. My head's spinning. What is this place ?" Aaron asks.

"This is Angel Grove Park. You scared us. Are you all right ?" Kimberly asks

"Yes, I think so. Give me a minute." Aaron says.

She shakes her head in an effort to clear her vision. Everything is still blurry but she can make out colors, pink, blue, red, black, and yellow. Aaron relaxes a little and sinks to the ground.

"What's wrong?" the black shadow asks her.

"I can't see straight. Give me a minute and it will clear up. Oh man, my head hurts." she says.

Unconsciously brushes the morpher around her neck. Some of it has come back to her as she realizes what she has done. It has begun and there is no turning back. Things have to play out as she has set in motion. Aaron braces herself for the pain but knows that when it's all over her father will be a different man. With this thought all the recent events overwhelm her and she passes out. The rangers stay with the strange girl until she starts to come around again. This time her vision is better and she can see the concerned looks on familiar faces. Even though they are younger, Aaron recognizes them easily. She tries to stand but a wave of intense pain hits her.

"Ugh! Not now!" she cries out and collapses to the ground.

Her eyes are tightly closed against the pain of transport. Her heart is jumping wildly out of control and she is having trouble catching her breath.

"Slow down. No need to hyperventilate." Jason says.

This causes her to laugh and induces another coughing fit. Slowly, Aaron calms down and her vision clears enough to see her surroundings.

"Oh, man am I off coarse. I was aiming for the other side of town, nuts." Aaron says as she tries to stand again.

"What were you doing?" Billy asks curious but concerned.

"Just an experiment in teletransmition that went nuts." she says easily then she starts coughing and can't stop.

Her heart is trying to keep up with the demands she is putting on herself and isn't doing a very good job. Trini approaches the stranger and touches her arm. She pulls back suprised, Aaron's skin is burning up.

"Ouch ! You're burning up." she says.

"Who are you?" Jason asks.

Aaron looks up at him, *He's so young and full of life. The poor guy has no idea of the suffering that will come if I fail. I won't fail him or you father. I was such a bitch these last few years and now I can make up for it.* "Bethany MacGill. I just moved here. Help me up, please. There's nothing wrong. It's a side effect I haven't worked out yet." she says.

Zach touches a sore spot on her back and his hand is covered in blood. "What the hell?! You're bleeding. What really happened? " he demands.

She looks at his hand.

"I don't know. The last thing I remember clearly is the transmission field taking hold then ending up here. I didn't even know it happened."she says which is the truth, to an extent.

She was caught in that lunar explosion and rendered senseless.

"Must have transported through something. I'll have to get home and check it out."

She steps away from them and tries to walk away but doesn't make it.

Jason catches her, "We'll take you to the hospital and have that checked out." he says.

"No, no hospitals. I can't stand hospitals. I'll be fine on my own." Aaron says.

"No you won't. You can barely stand. We'll take you to my house and I can look after that injury. As long as it isn't too bad I guess the hospital can wait." Kimberly says.

Jason still carries her as the teens head for Kimberly's house which isn't very far from this part of the park. Luckily, at this time of the day her mother isn't home to see what is going on. Jason carries the new girl into the kitchen and gently sits her down on a chair, his arm is covered with her blood.

"Take your shirt off and let me see how bad it is." Kim says.

Instinctively, Aaron obeys this younger version of her mother. Ignoring the fact that the others are in the room, Aaron carefully removes her scorched shirt. The guys are too stunned by her sudden arrival and subsequent strange behavior that they don't realize what she is doing. It is Trini that notices all the scars on her back and arms. She thinks it's from being abused by someone. None of the rangers even conceive of the idea of Time Travel muchless that someone from the future would come back in time. Trini nudges Zach and he sees not just the recent wound but all the others. Billy soon takes notice of the scars and examines them more closely and realizes what they really are. Billy motions for the others to follow him into the other room while Kimberly and Jason tend to Bethany.

"I think she's been in some kind of fight. Those scars are from weapons other than those found on this world." he says.

"What are you talking about?" Zach asks.

"They are generated by lasers or plasma. I do not believe that our government would have such weapons. I believe, at some point in her life, Bethany has encountered some kind of alien attack force and been repeatedly and severely injured in the process." Billy says.

"Do you think that whoever or whatever attacked her might come after her here?" Trini asks.

"It is entirely possible. If this does happen we would surely have the obligation to defend her." Billy finishes.

They then rejoin Kimberly and Jason in the kitchen. Kimberly is finishing up with the bandages on Bethany's back. She is sitting there completely passive.

"How did you get those injuries?" Zach blurts out.

Aaron is suprised by the sudden noise and nearly jumps out of her skin.

"Lab accident a couple of years ago. No big deal." she says then puts her shirt back on.

Zach is about to tell her off for lying when Billy stops him. Aaron looks away from them. She knows they realize that she's lying but doesn't want to tell them the truth unless it's absolutely necessary. Aaron gets up and goes out back and starts to stretch, the others follow. They don't recognize the style she is using. This is natural, since they haven't met the one who taught her, yet. They watch her in awe as she moves with such grace and perfection. Aaron nearly collapses when she is done, her vision swimming, her heart racing and her breathing faltering. Kimberly and Jason are at her side trying to help her.

"C'mon we've got to get her to a hospital." Jason says.

"No! No hospitals I said. It's nothing. I shouldn't have tried this so soon. It's been a while since I've done this one and it's pretty hard that's all. Give me a minute to recover." Aaron says.

She backs away from them and turns away. Her eyes flash green and she finally passes out. Zach and Jason carry her up to Kim's bedroom and puts her on the bed. Aaron begins to dream:

* "The whole place is coming down around us and you want to argue. C'mon Aaron save the heroics for another time. We've got to go now!" Jeremy, the Red Ranger, says.

"I know I heard someone down here. You get the others and get out. I'll check the lower levels and follow you out." Aaron, the Green Ranger, says.

She takes off before Jeremy can object further. The other rangers vanish in a mass of colorful static. They appear outside near the other rescuers. Jeremy takes off his helmet and watches as the building begins to fall.

"Where is Aaron?" the local fire chief asks Jeremy.

"She's still inside. She'll teleport out don't worry." he says.

They all wait and Aaron doesn't appear. Soon the ranger's communicators beep.

"Rangers, return to the Command Center at once." Alpha says.

"Is Aaron there?"

"Yes Rangers. Return immediately." the little robot says.

The rangers teleport back and find Aaron lying unMorphed on a gurney. She is bleeding bad from a gash along her ribs. She has turned a nasty shade of blue and is not breathing very well.

"What happened? How did it happen?" Mark asks.

"The building shifted and a pipe crashed through a wall. I just didn't get out of the way in time." Aaron says.

The other rangers turn to her when she speaks. Suddenly the rangers turned into Putties and came after her. She is so weak she can't fight them.

"NO! NO! Don't do this to me. I didn't mean to be such a bitch, I'm sorry."

Then it changes again and the rangers are zombies coming after her. The images may change but the reason for them hasn't.*

Aaron tosses and turns in the grip of her nightmare.

"No more. Not again. I'm so sorry, father." she keeps repeating.

The rangers are mystified and unable to help. This seems to confirm, for Billy at least, that she has experienced some kind of attack and is reliving it through her dreams.

Suddenly she sits up and looks around totally confused, "Jeremy?"

Then she realizes where she is.

"Who's Jeremy?" Jason asks.

"My boyfriend. You got anything to eat? I'm hungry." she says.

The rangers laugh at her. She just looks at them. Aaron has never heard them laugh and likes the sound. Aaron gets up carefully and walks to the kitchen and sits down. She lays her head on the table and listens to the rangers as they shuffle around the room behind her.

"What were you dreaming about?" Trini asks.

She looks up at them, her eyes blank.

"It's nothing. Just bad memories. I've got to go. I still have to register for the Expo tomorrow." she says.

"You're gonna be in that? Are you sure it's a good idea? After what happened earlier." Jason says.

"It's nothing. I'll be fine. I've waited a long time for this to come around and I am not about to miss it." Aaron says.

She sits there and watches them. Jason is still young and vital. A strong leader and a good friend. Billy is still painfully shy and nervous but Aaron can see the twinkle in his eyes. Kimberly, her mother, even now as pretty as she will be when Aaron is born. Trini, so happy and alive. There's no hint of what is to come in her face. And Zach, the last time she saw him was in the funeral home just before they burried him after he was killed by JorGon. Aaron tries to shake off the feeling of doom that has suddenly taken over her heart.


Back in the distant future, all the rangers and their families have gathered in the Command Center. They know something's wrong and they wait for Zordon to says something.

"Rangers, something has happened." Zordon begins.

"Shouldn't we wait for Aaron?" Tommy asks.

"That is not possible, Tommy. Aaron is part of what has happened. She has left this time period and traveled into the past."

"What? How is that possible? Time Travel is only a theory." Dr. William 'Billy' Cranston asks.

"Aaron completed your work on the Theoretical Time Travel PortGate. She has been working on it for the last four months. The situation is far graver than any of you might suspect. Aaron has gone back to the time just before Tommy became the Green Ranger. I fear she is planning on taking your place as Rita's choice." Zordon says looking at Tommy.

He turns green as he realizes what this will mean to the team.

"If she did that then how is it that Tommy is still a member of the original Rangers?" Jason asks.

"The changes have not caught up with us yet. And I believe that she has thought of that. Aaron took her own morpher with her. I do not have all the details yet, as nothing has been recorded, but as soon as they are known I will let you know. The reason I have brought you all here is that I believe that Aaron is not strong enough to complete this mission alone. One of you is needed to make the trip back in time to assist Aaron with whatever she has planned."

The rangers look at each other then at their parents before Jeremy speaks, "I'll go. She needs me."

"Are you sure? You know how she's been acting lately." his father, Jason Scott, says.

"Yes. No matter what, I love her and nothing's gonna change that. She's been there for all of us even though she is in so much pain. I can't desert her now." Jeremy says.


That evening, in the kitchen of the Hart home, Aaron is struck by a sudden wave of agony. The other rangers have left her alone and come rushing back in when they hear her cry out.

"What's wrong?" Kimberly asks.

"The PortGate, someone's using the PortGate. I told him not to use it to send anyone back." Aaron mutters.

She passes out and sees a familiar figure skulking through the park.

"No, Jeremy, please go back home." she whispers.

"Jeremy? Isn't that her boyfriend?" Zach wonders.

"Yeah, wonder why she would want him to go home." Jason says.

Neither pick up on the implication of everything she has said.

"Not just that. She said something about a PortGate and not sending anyone back." Bill says.

"What does that mean?" Trini asks.

"I've been working on a theory dealing with Time Travel and have come up with a design for a port/gate travel system. No one other than Zordon has even seen my work." Billy says.

"Do you think that some how Bethany has built it?" Trini asks.

"I don't know. The only way to find out is to wait for her to come around and ask her."

Jason touches he shoulder and Bethany wakes up with a violent start.

"What's going on? Where did Jeremy come from?" Jason demands.

She looks blankly at him, recognizing the command tone in his voice. Aaron bows her head and realizes that she will have to tell them something soon or she could lose everything she has worked so hard to set in motion.

"The PortGate does work, Billy. I used it to come back in order to help a friend." she begins. "I thought I could do this alone. Zordon said I shouldn't but I had to try. Now that he has sent Jeremy everything could get messed up."

"You know Zordon?" Jason asks.

"Yes, everyone knows about Zordon where I come from. By then the entire world knows who we are." Aaron says.

"You're a Ranger?" Kimberly asks.

She nods and takes out her Morpher to show them. "This one isn't mine. I had to leave it at home. We wear them around our necks now. It's easier than those other bulky things you have." she says.

"Which one are you?" Zach asks.

"Mastodon." Aaron says.

She takes the morpher from around her neck and shows them the Power Coin.

"I've never seen this one before. Which one is it?" Billy asks.

"The Dragon. Right now Rita has it. She will choose her Green Ranger soon. That's why I've come."

"Explain." Jason insists.

"My best friend is the current Green Ranger, in my time. It was her father that was chosen by Rita to be the Green Ranger. The details aren't important right now except that because of the way he became a ranger there have been so many problems and tragities. She is dying or she would have come herself. She asked me to try to save her father all the pain and suffering. Aaron, that's her name, gave me her coin and asked me to do what I could. This one is really the one that belongs here and the one I left in the palace is hers."

"Why didn't you just keep both and bring them here?" Kimberly asks in confusion.

"It has to do with Paradox. Things have to proceed as normally as possible. The Dragon Coin has a part to play in history and must remain in circulation. One coin must be there or Rita will know something's wrong and set a whole new chain of events in motion and none of us would likely survive. Keep that one and take it to Zordon if anything happens to me. Look things are gonna get really weird in the next few days and you've got to be ready for it." Bethany says.

"What kind of weird things?" Trini asks.

"I'm not sure. I do know that there's going to be a stranger at the Expo. Jason will meet him in competition, I think I will too. I do know he's really good. I learned a lot from him. Rita will be watching the tournament and that's when she'll make her choice. I've got to be the one that gets her attention. I can fight off her magic better than he can. I do know that sometime between the Expo and Monday afternoon he was taken to the lunar palace and put under a spell of control. Kimberly, you've got to keep him out of the alley Monday afternoon. Get him to walk you home or something, anything that keeps his attention." she says.

"All right we'll do what we can to help. Just don't lie to us any more." Jason says.

He puts his arms around Bethany and the other rangers join him. Oddly enough Aaron draws strength from them and feels better. Jeremy has found Kimberly's house and is watching his girlfriend with the original rangers. He doesn't know the full details of what she has told them but did hear the rangers tell her that they would help. Jeremy plans to corner Aaron when she is alone and find out everything. When the rangers sit back Aaron looks out the window and sees Jeremy.

"Stay here. I've got to talk to him." she says and goes out to him.

The contemporary rangers watch from the kitchen as Aaron and Jeremy talk.

"Why did you come? I asked that Zordon not send anyone else back. Damn it you could have screwed everything up." Aaron rants.

She is so angry at him right now her blood pressure is sky rocketing.

"Take it easy, Aaron. Zordon didn't think you could do this by yourself." Jeremy says.

"Well you can go back and tell him that I won't be doing this alone. The others are going to help. Please go back and wait. It's going to be hard enough to see him here. I don't want to deal with both of you." she says.

She kisses him then pushes him back so he can call the gate and leave.

"All right but you have to promise that you will let them help." Jeremy says.

She nods and he leaves her sitting on the porch. He steps back and activates a device and disappears. Once he is gone the original rangers come out to check on Aaron.

"Well? What happened?" Zach asks.

"He's gone home. We've got to do this right." Aaron begins.

She feels a squeezing in her chest as she tries to breathe. *He's close. What am I going to do?*

She closes her eyes and tries to slow her breathing down. When she opens her eyes again her vision is almost completely gone then it returns in a rush startling her.

"The only thing I can think of is to go to Zordon and ask him what we should do." Trini says.

"No. We should handle this ourselves. It's not right to always expect him to solve our problems. Besides, I don't think I could deal with teleporting right now as it is." Aaron says.

"We're used to getting his advice on stuff like this." Zach begins.

"This kind of thing doesn't happen everyday, Zach." Aaron snaps.

She is in pain and doesn't want to argue with them.

"That's why we should talk to him. C'mon. We don't have to teleport we can use the RAD BUG and fly there." Jason says.

"Not on your life. I damn near had an accident in the GENERATION 2 RAD BUG. I'm not getting in that thing!" Aaron says.

"I'm not even going to ask. Let's go." Jason says.

He takes hold of her arm and they all teleport to the Command Center.

"Damn it Jason!" Aaron yells at him.

She collapses into the computers. Alpha and Zordon are badly startled when they see her.

"Who is this and why have you brought her here?" Zordon asks.

Jason starts to speak and Aaron glares at him.

"I can speak for myself, Jason. This wasn't my idea and I don't even want to be here right now." she says. Aaron looks up at Zordon, "I came here from the future Zordon. Just listen to me before you discount what I have to say." she begins.

Aaron looks around for something to sit on and Alpha teleports a lounger from storage.

"Thanks. My friend asked me to come here and help her father. He will be chosen to be the Green Ranger and will come after all of you with in the next few days." she begins the story and behind her the viewing globe comes to life.

In its mists a teenage boy appears. Kimberly stares avidly at his image and Aaron smiles.

"His name is Tommy Oliver, Kim. He just moved here and right now he is very vulnerable to Rita's magic. I came here to take his place as the one she chooses."

"What makes you so sure you can beat that witch's magic and he can't?" Jason asks.

"Because I know it's coming and am ready for it. Magic can be defeated if you know about it. And also because I have use of all Green Ranger's magic when Aaron gave me her coin. Like all the rangers in my time, I use the magic to beat Master Vile and his minions and JorGon. You've got to keep him busy after school on Monday or there will be all kinds of trouble. After I've gone home you can give him the Dragon Coin." Aaron says.

"Why should we wait? Why not bring him here now?" Jason asks.

He may be smart but he can be terribly dense sometimes. Aaron decides not to argue with him.

"Do you really want to scare the hell out of him by doing that? Right now he's in bad shape from losing his family, this could drive him over the edge. If you want to risk it be my guest but I'm not staying around to see it." Aaron says.

She tries to get up to leave but doesn't make it.

"Just lay back and relax." Trini says.

"Are you certain that Tommy Oliver will be the Green Ranger?" Zordon asks.

"Yes, I've seen all the records and have heard all the stories. He will be chosen by Rita. Through no fault of his he will spend the rest of his life constantly fighting for his very soul. So many people were hurt because of his fight with Rita, Zedd, Master Vile, the Machine Empire, and JorGon. I'm not going to discuss what happens but if I don't do something it will happen all over again. I can't live with that." she says.

"All right, bring him here and we'll see if he wants to be a ranger." Zordon says.

Aaron closes her eyes and tries to sleep but can't, the pain in her chest is getting worse. The rangers appear outside the Youth Center just as Tommy is walks in.

"Kim, why don't you go and talk to him for a minute. We'll morph then take him to the Command Center. Then you morph and teleport in." Jason suggests.

Kim smiles and heads towards the new guy.

"This is nuts you realize." Zach says.

"It's either that or we just grab him and hope that he takes it right."

"I know but maybe Bethany is right. Maybe we should wait until after all the trouble is done and then bring him in. It won't be easy for him to understand. We've got to be careful with him." Trini says.

They watch as Kimberly comes out with Tommy and they start to walk to the park.

"All right that's it let's go." Jason says.

The four remaining rangers morph and approach.

"Tommy Oliver?" Red Ranger asks.

Tommy is stunned to find out that the famous Power Rangers know his name.

"Yes. Have I done something wrong?" he says.

Kim looks up at him and just waits.

"No, there's someone who wants to see you. Would you come with us please?" Black Ranger says.

"What about Kimberly?" he asks not wanting to leave her alone.

"It's all right, go with them, I'll be fine." she says.

He nods to her and follows the rangers. After they disappear, Kimberly follows them. Once all the rangers are present Zordon looks at Tommy. Aaron is off in the shadows watching them. She is suddenly filled with a powerful love and respect for her father as she watches him stand before the InterDimentional being without fear. She hears Zordon rattle on about the Prophecy and the Green Ranger and decides to cut it short by getting in the middle of it.

"What he is trying to say, Tommy, is that he is offering you a chance to be part of something very important. Something that has existed for thousands of centuries. What I want to know is, will you join us?" Aaron asks.

Tommy looks around trying to find the source of the voice.

"Why me?" he asks.

"Why not? I've known you all my life. I know your abilities and that you are a good person. If you don't take this chance from us you won't have a choice when Rita comes for you. And she will." Aaron says.

She steps out of the shadows and stands right in front of him.

"How could you know me all your life? I've never seen you before. This is nuts." Tommy says.

He sinks to the floor and buries his head in his hands. Aaron gets the other rangers to move out of the way and kneels at his side.

"Don't worry about it. I've seen what will happen and know that you are the strongest of all the rangers along with Tyrannosaurus. Between Micos, the Dragon, and Rano the Tyrannosaurus you are an unbeatable part of the rangers and you, Tommy, are our heart and soul. Don't ever forget that. No matter what happens over the years you belong with us and never let anyone tell you otherwise." she says.

The other rangers listen and are on the verge of crying as she manages to get Tommy to stop shaking and stand. She has trouble when she tries to stand back up but this time it's Tommy that helps her.

"Thanks. I know this is not exactly what you expected but you have made the right choice. This is defiantly not what I had planned. This is nuts. I've got to go or everything will get messed up." Aaron says.

She looks up at Zordon "Do you mind? Get me out of here." Aaron says.

Tommy reaches out to stop her.

"Wait. Who are you?" he asks her.

She turns to him and the other rangers notice that there is a resemblance.

"Bethany MacGill. I'm a friend. I have seen the world that will come and now things are on track as long as nothing else happens. You must not do anything that will attract Rita's attention. The best thing is to avoid the Expo today and always have one of the rangers with you. C'mon, guys, he's part of us now." Aaron says to the other rangers.

They unMorph and show him who they are. Tommy looks around and is suprised to see that the Power Rangers are teenagers just like him. Kimberly comes out from behind Billy and looks up at him.

"Kimberly, you're one of them too. Is that why you wanted to talk to me?" he says, a little disappointed.

"Not the only reason." she says.

"You haven't signed up for the Expo yet have you?" Aaron asks him.

Tommy shakes his head no.

"Good. Stay here for today and at school tomorrow make sure you stay near one of them at all times. Go with them to the Youth Center and stay away from the alley until you hear from me again. We've got to go guys the Expo is about to start. You can watch the Expo on the viewing globe." Aaron says, looking at Tommy.

Jason and the other rangers along with Aaron teleport out of the Command Center and arrive just outside the Youth Center.

"Let's do it." Aaron says.

She goes to the locker room and changes. An intense wave of agony hits her as she tries to leave. It's a good thing that Kimberly comes in to check on her. Aaron has collapsed and is having a hard time getting back up. Kimberly sees her eyes flash and angry green and Aaron hisses when she gets too close.

"Bethany, what's wrong?" Kim asks.

"Nothing, it's nothing I'm not used to. Give me a minute." she says.

As if nothing happened, Aaron gets to her feet and follows Kim out of the lockerroom. She begins to stretch as she waits for the competition to begin. Aaron scans the crowd and moves away from the rangers. She begins to practice some moves, trying to get them down and ready for her first challenger.

On the moon, Rita watches with great intrest.

"Look at that girl. She's good. She'd make a perfect Green Ranger to use against those pesky power brats." Rita says.

"Yes, your evilness but can she beat them? Can she sustain the Green Power?" Finster asks.

Rita uses her magic wand to scan the girl's energy patterns. She doesn't detect the fatal defect that is killing her by inches.

"Oh yes Finster she is the perfect one. And she can sustain the power and then some. Watch how easily she defeats all her challengers." Rita cackles.

At the Expo, both Jason and Aaron easily defeat many comers until they are the only ones left. In the last fight of the Expo Jason and Aaron meet. Their match is incredible. Aaron is blindingly fast on her attacks and slipery on her defense. Jason has a hard time keeping up but manages to keep the score a tie right to the end. They bow to each other. Aaron flashes him a look telling him to play along that they don't know eachother. He understands.

"Good match. First time I've ever had this kind of competition. Thanks." he says.

"You're most welcome. Challenge is good for the soul." she says.

She shakes his hand and moves away. Jason and the other rangers watch her as she walks out of the Youth Center. They find a secluded spot and contact Zordon.

"Zordon, can you keep tabs on Bethany?" he asks.

"Do you think that would be wise? It might tip Rita off to whatever she has planned." Trini asks.

"I don't care. I don't like this entire situation. Bethany is putting herself at risk for all of us. We owe it to her to watch out for her." Jason says.

Tommy suddenly appears near them.

"That is too freaky. It's gonna take some getting used to." he says.

Kimberly giggles as she watches him. He stands there a minute then approaches Kim.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were gonna stay at the Command Center till this is over." Zach says.

"The Expo's over. Rita never saw me. So why stay there? Besides, Alpha was getting on my nerves. Always with the Ai yiyiyiyiyiyiyi's. It was getting to be too much." he says.

They laugh. You have to admit it does get rather anoying when Alpha does that.

"All right, just stick with us until we hear form her again. I could've sworn she went this way." Jason says.

He follows the way he thinks she has gone. The rangers arrive in time to see her fight Goldar and a horde of Puttys.

"Oh my god. How can she beat them." Trini says.

The rangers watch helplessly as Aaron fights the Puttys and then goes after Goldar. The big gold monkey raises his sword to strike her when Rita appears.

"Bethany MacGill, I have chosen you to be my Evil Green Ranger."

Bethany looks up at the witch and jumps up to her. Just as she is about to attack the evil space witch, Rita hits her with a magic spell. She is falling off the roof. Before she hits the ground another spell takes hold and she and Rita disapear. When it's over Goldar and what's left of the Puttys are also gone.

"That's it. Let's get out of here and back to the Command Center." Jason says.

Six streaks of colored light vanish from the park and fly through the sky to the desert.

Aaron reappears in Rita's magical dimention. At first she is confused then the pain hits her like a ton of bricks. Her chest feels like a vice is squeezing the life out of her and her eyes are playing tricks on her again.

"You are mine now Bethany MacGill. You will become my Evil Green Ranger and destroy the Power Rangers." Rita cackles.

Aaron stands in front of the Empress of Evil defiantly. She can feel the spell trying to take hold and is fighting it valiantly. Her eyes flash an evil green as she shrugs off the dark magic.

"Hold out your hand and take the Green Dragon Coin and the Dragon Flute. Now go and destroy the rangers." Rita orders.

In Aaron's mind Rita sends images of the Power Rangers. Jason the Red Ranger and Rano the Tyrannosaurus. Billy the Blue Ranger and Trike the Triceratops. Kimberly the Pink Ranger and Kyte the Pterodactyl. Zach the Black Ranger and Woolly the Mastodon. Trini the Yellow Ranger and Streaks the SaberTooth Tiger.

"You will destroy them and the Command Center. The Dragon Coin will allow you to enter as a Power Ranger and destroy Zordon. And the Dragon Flute will allow you to face them in battle with your own Zord. Go and do my bidding, My Evil Green Ranger." Rita cackles.

"Yes, my queen. As you command so shall it be." Aaron says.

Unseen by Rita but felt by Aaron, a tear rolls down her cheek under her helmet. She now knows how her father felt when it was him standing there in front of that bitch. Aaron disappears from the magical dimention and reappears in the Command Center just before the rangers arrive. She collapses in a heap near Zordon's capsule.

"Alpha, Bethany has returned. Come and help her." he says.

Alpha approaches the fallen ranger.

"Stay back, Alpha. Something's happening. It's diffferent this time. Something's gone wrong, my magic is reacting to Rita's. I don't want to hurt anyone. Keep back, I don't know what will happen now." she says.

Aaron stands and retreats to the shadows. She's always been more comfortable in the dark than in the light. She rips the helmet from her head and tosses it back into the light. Tommy skitters to the side when he stumbles over something he thinks is a head.

"Sorry about that, Tommy. I didn't think you'd be back so soon." Aaron says.

They don't see her.

"Where are you?" Billy asks.

She steps out of the dark and the rangers get their first look at the Green Ranger.

"Amazing. What kind of power do you have?" Billy asks.

She smiles and thinks ever the scientist.

"Tommy why don't you morph and I'll explain."

"How?" he asks.

"Just call 'Dragon Zord' and he will come." she says.

Tommy does as she says. His suit is not as worn as hers and the others notice. Tommy takes the helmet off and looks at himself.

"Very strange. I feel like I could take on the world like this." Tommy says.

"Just becareful. Power is very tempting and exteremly seductive. This kind of power is also very dangerous if mishandled. The Power of the Dragon is one of the strongest of all the Morphin Powers. It usually chooses someone who is a skilled fighter and has a bit of magic in their heart. The gold mantle is a shield that protects all who wear it. You now will also have a limited healing ability when you're morphed." Aaron begins to tell the tale of what she knows of the Green Ranger and what she has learned over the short time she has had the Power. She's a wonderful storyteller.

Suddenly she gets a strange look on her face and passes out. Since Tommy is closer to her he is able to catch her before she hits her head on anything. Alpha brings a medical bed from storage. She begins to glow a soft green in the low light of the Command Center.

"What's happening to her?" Zach asks.

"She said something about her magic reacting to Rita's then retreated into the shadows. It could be anything." Alpha says.

The little robot runs a scanner over her.

"There is something wrong. She is in some kind of flux. I can't get a clear reading on her." Alpha says.

The rangers watch as she begins to change. Aaron floats above the gurney as the changes take hold. While she may not be under the influence of Rita's evil magic some of the Green Ranger magic has been altered because of it. The magical changes also correct some of the physical trauma that Aaron has suffered before and after joining the rangers but she is still near death and will have to hurry in order to complete her task. Her suit also undergoes a dramatic change. It is no longer form fitting like the other ranger suits. It is loose fitting with golden armor sections at the forearms, chest, and legs. On the floor behind the rangers the helmet also changes to that of a dark green reptile with ruby red eyes. Her body lowers back to the gurney and the glow disapates. Her breathing is still a little erratic but otherwise she is near normal as far as they can tell.

Alpha runs another scan and tells them this much, "She's asleep and will most likely stay that way for a while." Alpha says.

"What just happened?" Jason asks.

"She is a magic user. Somehow when Rita cast her spell of control over her it reacted with Bethay's magic and began the change. It should have happened for all of you as soon as you became rangers but for some reason it didn't." Alpha says.

"I think I have the answer, rangers. When the Green Dragon coin first disappeared it is said that a prophecy was made. A promise of sorts that in a future time when the Green Ranger would be called on for evil someone would come from another time yet to be and stand in the place of the one history had chosen. A spell would be cast and magical changes would release the true power of the Grid. It is entirely possible that this prophecy is coming to pass with the arrival of Bethany." Zordon says.

"What should we do? How do we make the changes work for us?" Jason asks. He is alway looking for an advantage in their fight against the evil witch Rita. This just maybe what they are looking for.

"I believe that if you Morph, the power will take hold now and you will feel the changes. When you do, let them take hold and allow them to manifest." Zordon says.

The Rangers morph and something amazing happens. When Tommy calls on the Dragon again he becomes a powerful green ninja with a golden shield covering his chest and a dragon footprint at its center. Zach is next. He becomes a black knight with the Mastadon crest as his coat of arms. Tirni is up next as a high plains native in yellow leather formed to her trim shape. Billy morphs and takes the shape of what looks like a SWAT team fighter in dark royal blue. Kimberly finds herself in a skin tight bodysuit that has huge leatherlike wings at her back. Finally, Jason morphs into a Red Samari warrior. The rangers look at themselves and eachother.

"This is amazing. How is this possible? What is this?" Billy asks.

"It's magic, Billy. Do you really need an explaniation." Bethany says, her voice is very weak.

She eases herself to sit up and nearly falls off the gurney. Tommy is there to catch her and helps her to stand.

"You have to be very careful now. Rita's gonna know something is wrong soon and she will come after us." she says and looks around for her helmut.

From the shadows, the dragon helmut floats to her waiting hands and glows softly. As if in a trance she puts it on and then disapears. The rangers look around startled then to the viewing globe. Bethany is standing in a fog bank when a horde of strange looking critters attack. Green magic flys from her hands as the creatures disintegrate. Bethany then is seen fighting a Cobra monster and nearly loses. Jason is the first to teleport to where she is and helps her fight. The fight is joined by more strange monsters and the rest of the rangers. Magic and skilled hand to hand fighting beat the monsters and strangeness away.

"What was that?" Zach asks when they return to the command center.

"A test of worthyness. Are we the ones who are right for this kind of power? Obviously we are or we wouldn't be here." Bethany says.

She and the other rangers unMorph and Aaron collapses to the ground absolutly winded. She's not recovering as fast as she used to and she's getting scared. When will her strength finally give out? When will the healing power of the Morphin Grid not be enough to keep her alive? What will happen if the other rangers have to watch as she dies in front of them? Aaron wants to leave, she can now, but something is making her stay.

Granted, Tommy is now a Power Ranger but something is still nagging at her and Aaron is afraid if she leaves too soon a disaster will happen. All of a sudden the alarm goes off and Bethany jumps.

"It's happening." she whispers.

"What?" Jason asks.

The viewing globe comes to life. There is a giant monster stomping through the residential area of Angle Grove. "Oh, SHIT!!" she mutters.

"The worst possible paradox. That thing is the Minator. It was a theoretical monster from one of the black arts magic books we stole from Rita. In the original time line it never existed. If she's brought this thing to life then she knows she's lost me and is going to do her damnedest to kill us all. The only way to kill it, and we have to kill it, is to make it shrink then take its head. The only problem with that idea is the fact that the Zords are no match for that thing, unless they too underwent some kind of magical change."

"The only way to know for sure is to get to them and find out." Billy says.

"All right. Tommy will take Micos and join you. I'll do what I can from the ground."

"Micos? Who is that?" Tommy asks.

"Your Zord. All the Zords have their own names and strange personalities. You should be able to hear them now. Go, I'll meet you in the park." she says and vanishes again.

"I really hate when she does that." Jason grouses, a smile on his face.

In the park, Aaron faces off against hundreds of Putty Patrollers and grinds them into dust. A horrible cackle crashes through her head and sends Aaron to her knees, arms wrapped around her head to block the sound. Rita throws bolt after bolt of black magic at her, trying to kill her, it's not working though.

"You have betrayed me, Green Ranger."

"Of coarse I have, you bitch. Do you really think I would let this happen again?" Aaron says and sends a bolt of Green Fire at the space witch.

Rita tries to get away from it but is burned by the cold hatred of her evil creation. She tries to retaliate but Aaron dives out of the way and shoots Rita with her Blade Blaster. Rita disappears is a cloud of black smoke screaming in rage. Aaron shakes off the attack and waits for the right time to join the other rangers. She watches as the battle the giant Minator. The MegaZord hits the beast over and over again until all its power is gone and it shrinks to a normal size. Aaron is on it instantly and is fighting it, keeping it away from civilians and the other rangers. She knows, instinctivly, that it will kill the rangers if it gets close enough.

Hit after hit drains both Aaron and the monster of life. The Minator makes a lucky strike and Aaron goes down. Tommy and Jason are at her side and Jason takes the monster's head. The creature vaporizes. Tommy is kneeling by her side as he takes her helmut off. There is blood oozing down the side of her face from a gash on her forehead. Her eyes are cloudy with pain as she tries to focus.

"The Minator. . . . . . . ." she croaks out.

"Gone. Vaporized when I took its head, just like you said. Can you stand? We've got to get you out of here before anyone sees you." Jason says.

Aaron tries to stand but only manages to fall against Tommy. "No, no strength left."

Tommy picks her up easily and they teleport to the command center.

"Alpha, Bethany is hurt, get a cot or something. Hang on, Bethany, just hang on." Jason says.

She looks so very small and helpless as she lays there. Her injuries have been tended too, as best as they can. Aaron is laying very still. The rangers gather around her in silent vigil. She is close to death and she knows it. Aaron opens her eyes to look at them one last time. She smiles weakly at them. They still have no idea who she really is.

"Bethany, hang on. You can make it." Zach says.

"I said that once to you. Right before....." her voice fails as a wave of agony hits her.

"Zordon, can't you do anything to stop the pain?" Jason asks.

"I am afraid not, Jason. She would never survive." he says.

"She's not going to die is she?" Kimberly asks.

"Yes, I am. I'm sorry you have to see this. There was no other choice, I had to come, had to save Tommy." Aaron whispers.

Tommy stands close to her. He puts his strong arms around her. She leans back against him. Aaron sees this and is content that their lives will be happy once again even though she won't live to see them happy.

"It's almost over now. I just wish I could go home to die. I miss my brother and Jeremy." she says.

The rangers turn at the sound of her voice.

"You are not going to die Bethany. We won't let you." Jason says, his voice choked with grief.

"There is no magic in the universe that can stop death when it comes. I knew the risks when I came back but I had no choice. It was either do this and risk not getting home before the end, or let history stand and die with the knowledge that I could have done something to prevent it. It was my choice and I am content with it." Aaron says.

At that something happens behind the rangers. They turn and shield Bethany. Two figures walk out of the blinding light and approach them. One of them they recognize as Jeremy. It takes them a while to realize who the other one is. The two strangers approach the gurney and gently move the rangers aside.

"Damn it's almost too late. He cut it awfully close." Jeremy says.

"The point is that we aren't too late. She's still alive." the other voice says.

He reaches down to pick her up. She hisses in pain but still manages to wrap her arms around him.

"Take me home father." she whispers.

"I will Aaron. Everyone's waiting for you. You did it. I am so proud of you." he says.

She smiles at him.

"Wait a second. I though your name is Bethany." Zach says.

"That's my mother's name." Jeremy says.

He looks at Jason and realizes for the first time the sacrifices he and the others made to keep the world safe from all those monsters, he smiles at his young father. Jeremy turns to Aaron and brushes her hair out of her eyes.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of her." Jeremy says.

"Will we ever see her or you again?" Trini asks.

"Yes. When we get back. She is by far the bravest of all of us. Once again, Green Ranger has proven herself to be the strongest." Jeremy says.

Then they realize what is going on. She had originally told them she held the Mastodon Coin making her the black ranger. They thought that she was only the Green Ranger here but now they are finally seeing it.

"My god. She came here to save you Tommy." Jason says looking at his friend.

It is the older Tommy that answers him.

"Yes that was her original intent. In helping me she managed to save us all. By her sacrifice she has brought us closer to peace than we have ever been. From her all races have learned that it is never too late to set right what once went wrong. No one has ever seen her courage before. No one ever dreamed she could make that kind of choice, I sure as hell didn't. Aaron showed us all."

Now both Tommy's are standing face to face with Aaron between them.

"It all works out?" the younger Tommy stammers.

"Yes, thanks to her. All our dreams, all our hard work has finally paid off. The world is finally learning that peace is possible, that we don't have to be enemies. The Artarians have made the first gesture of peace to us and it looks like war is no longer inevitable."

"They came through, thank god. I thought they were gonna start a war over that one mistake. I'm glad, at least it all was worth something........ I can go and not feel too guilty." Aaron says and closes her eyes. "You're not gonna die. Stay with us, please." Jeremy says.

"Remember me." Aaron whispers. Then they disappear.

The gate flares one last time and then they are gone.

At the other end of the gate a medical team from Andromeda is waiting. The great healer Elikn himself has come to Earth to try to save this brave ranger.

"Set her down on the Crystal Altar. Quickly, time is running out for her." the Healer says.

Tommy does as he is told and carefully places her at the center of the altar. All the rangers step back and watch. Their power and love for this young woman radiates throughout the chamber and fills the alien healer as he begins the ritual. The altar glows in the chamber's darkness and great energies fill the dying girl with life. After what feels like an eternity the light fades and Aaron sits up. She looks around and is confused for a moment then she sees her father and smiles. Aaron turns to Elikn.

"I have no words to express for what you have done for me. All I can offer is my profound thanks." she says, her voice still weak but getting stronger.

"It is more than enough. I can feel the love and devotion in this chamber and know I have brought new hope here. If ever you have need of me again all you need do is call and I shall come. In all my years I have known many of the Green Rangers and none are as wonderous as you, Lady Aaron." the ancient healer says and bows to her.

He vanishes is a spectacular light leaving all a little dumbfounded. Aaron looks around and sees that all the rangers, past and present are together again and very happy. Aaron is crying she is so glad to be alive and seeing all this.

The Viewing Globe goes dark and the gathered children clap and shout for joy. It has been many years since Aaron went back in time to help her father and returned. Now the Rangers have a new headquarters and the original Command Center has since been turned into a museum. The Viewing Globe now replays the history archives of the Power Rangers down through history. The story of how one Green Ranger went back through time to save the first is the most popular of all the files in the database. This group of school children want to see the story again.

"Let's see it again." one child says.

"She's so beautiful and brave. When I grow up I want to be just like her." another says.

In the shadows an older woman blushes and shakes her head. They just don't understand the trouble she caused to her family and friends. The children just see the heroics and not the pain.

"Rebbeca, all the Rangers have interesting stories to tell. Why are you so facinated by that one?" the shadowed figure asks.

"She is the only one that would take the ultimate risk and go back in time to change something that went wrong." the little girl says.

The shadowed figure smiles.

"It wasn't bravery, Rebbeca, it was a deep desire to do something right for a change. If you only knew what she was like before, you wouldn't be so hung up on her. Why don't we go and see the Zords? I bet they are just dying to regale you with all their screwy stories." she says.

"You can't talk about her like that. She was the best of all the Rangers." Rebbeca huffs.

"That's enough little miss." one of the teachers says as she looks into the shadows.

"It's all right Kathy. She doesn't understand. None of them understand, how could they. No one ever bothered to ask. I talk about her like that because I know her so well and she's not all that you make her out to be."

"How do you know her?" all the kids ask at once.

The woman comes out of the shadows and they see her clearly for the first time since the tour began. Aaron is older, her hair is a little greyer but her eyes haven't changed and she is still very strong and very fit for a woman in her early forties. She still looks like the girl in the archive. The gathered children look at her then to the viewing globe and back at her, then they all try and talk at once.

"You're her. You're the Green Ranger from the story." Rebbeca says.

"That's right. I may have gone back in time to help my father but my life up til then was one wrong thing after another. I did a lot of dumm things before I got my act together. My only saving grace was the Rangers. I nearly died for my stupidity." Aaron says.

"Yes but you got it together and saved the Rangers and everyone." a little boy says.

Aaron shakes her head. * They're never going to understand. They'll never know the hell I put my family and friends through before I finally realized I was really only hurting myself. They're just too young I guess. * "Someday you'll understand. It's not that simple and I hope like hell you never have to go through what I did. C'mon, let's go see the Zords." she says.

Aaron leads the class through the cavernous Command Center to the Zord docking bay and the kids get their first upclose and personel look at the giant battle machines.


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