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Sentinel/Power Rangers Zeo crossover








Devon watches helplessly as the young man suffers the loss of his girlfriend. Deep in her heart she feels for him, though she doesn't know why. She stands and stretches.

"Shit." she curses to herself.

Tanya turns and sees the other girl in pain, "What's wrong?" she asks.

"Nothing. Just forgot about the other one that's all." Devon says. That's when Tanya notices the white gauze and tape on Devon's chest. "How did it happen?" Tanya asks.

"Grazed by a falling air duct. Nothing major. It itches like hell but I'll live." she says.

"Do you need a ride home or anything?" Jason asks, slightly distracted.

"No thanks. Marinda is on her way. I called her before I came up here." Devon says.

She gets up to leave. Devon is so wiped out that she ends up tripping over her own two feet. She tries to stop herself but ends up slamming into the wall near Tommy's bed. Devon slides down the wall fighting an overwhelming wave of nausea and pain leaning against the door,

"SHIT !" she mutters. "Turn it down. Just let the pain go." Tanya says without thinking. Devon instinctively responds and the pain recedes to a tolerable level. "Thanks. It's hard sometimes when it hurts so much."

Rocky and Jason are at her side at once. Devon is still having a little trouble standing. Her other senses have shut down in response to the sudden pain. Tanya kneels at her side along with the guys.

"Are you all right? What happened?" Rocky asks. Their voices seem distant to her as she fights her way back.

"I hate this. This really is annoying and very painful." she says, her voice flat as she tries to regain control. "Don't fight it. Just relax and let it go away. If you don't calm down it will only get worse." Tanya says.

The nausea is getting worse. Since she is concentrating on herself she doesn't notice when someone tries to open the door. She freaks and tries to get out of the way but the pain stops her cold.

"Don't open the door yet." Jason says.

"OK, what's going on" Billy asks.

"Give us a couple of seconds." Rocky says.

Billy waits as the guys help Devon to her feet. Her nose twitches as she smells her own blood. Devon doesn't catch Tommy doing the same, however he wonders where it's coming from.

"Is it safe now?" Billy asks.

"Yes, I'm sorry. I tripped over my feet and hit the wall. It just took me awhile to get back up." Devon says. Tanya stays with her and helps her sit down. She keeps a hand on the girl's shoulder to give her a point of focus. "It's all right, just ease down." she whispers. Devon relaxes and watches Billy enter the room and look around.

Billy is stunned to see a medic in the room with his friends.

"Is there anything wrong? Did I miss something?"

"No, I just came up to see how everyone is doing. I've got to go or my sister will start wondering about me. I guess I'll see you around." Devon says. She suddely takes off, afraid of what they will ask her next.

She makes it out the door and to the elevator before the nausea hits her again.


Marinda is looking all over the place for her sister. Devon stumbles out of the elevator. Marinda rushes to her side, "Are you all right?" she asks.

"Yeah, just take me home. I'm exhausted and hungry." Devon says.

"Where were you? I've been looking all over for you." Marinda demands.

"Upstairs. I had to see someone." she says.

Devon leans on her sister as they go out to the car.


"What was that all about?" Billy asks.

"She was the one who found Tommy and Kat. She just wanted to see if she missed anything." Jason says.

"What was with the way you handled Devon? How did you know what to say to her?" Rocky asks.

"I don't know. It just seemed right. From the look of it, it worked until she got spooked by something." Tanya says

He is a little out of it because of the painkiller the doctor gave him. He sits down and lays his head back.

"Are you all right , Jason?" Tanya asks.

"Yes, the medication is kicking in I guess." he says.

They fall into an awkward silence before Tommy yawns and starts to fall asleep. His friends wait until he is fast asleep before they, too, slip out.


The world is still shaking. It just won't stop. He can hear Kat scream as the electrical surge hits her. Over and over again it happens and there is nothing he can do. He tries to wake up but the sedative has him in a deep sleep. Soon another dream replaces the nightmare. In it, there is a shadowed warrior waiting for him.

The warrior speaks, "The Chameleon is waiting for you. Learn from her and we shall meet. I see a great warrior in you. Come to me when your time is right." the voice keeps repeating over and over.{author's note: the chameleon is a legendary figure, in this story at least, that is ally to the hunter. it will take the chameleon to awaken the hunter.}

Images of someone trying to teach him something, in his dream confuse the hell out of him. When he does wake up the next day he is even more wiped out.


"C'mon little sister. Let me help you get ready for bed." Marinda says.

Devon is too groggy and feeling too sick to argue with her. Once they're upstairs Marinda helps Devon get undressed and into bed.

"That's it, just sleep. Everything is going to be fine in the morning." Marinda says.

"Oh knock it off and let me sleep. I can't stand all this sugar. You're giving me cavities." Devon says.

She is asleep before Marinda gets out of the room. Devon slips quickly into REM sleep. Her dreams start out just as strange as Tommy's. It begins with the previous day's rescues and keeps repeating the one where she rescues Tommy and found Kat dead. Devon tosses and turns in her bed. "No, not again." she moans in her sleep. Just as the cycle is about to start over again something steps in.

"Relax child. Sleep peacefully. I will come for you soon." the shadowed figure says.

"Who are you? How do you know me?" Devon asks.

"I am Chameleon, your ancient spirit guide. My previous host has died. I have waited a long time for you. When Hunter, my mate, awakens I will come for you and we will join." Chameleon says.

"Who was your last host?" Devon asks.

"When we are joined you will know. Now, sleep peacefully, my dear." Chameleon says.

Devon allows Chameleon to send her into a dreamless sleep. She sleeps for days without waking up. Three days later, Devon wakes up completely rested. She looks out the window at the morning sun. Devon smiles and jumps out of bed.

As soon as her feet hit the floor and she stands up a wave of dizziness runs through her. "Nuts."

She goes through her closet. Devon selects a white cotton peasant shirt, tight black jeans, a black leather vest, and black leather ankle boots. She brushes out her long honey golden hair and pulls the sides and top into a silver coin ring. Devon looks at herself in the full length mirror.

"Looking good." Marinda says.

"Thanks. I just wish the nausea would go away." Devon says.

She picks up a silver hawk medallion and slides it over her head. The hawk settles between her firm, tanned breasts. Part of the bandage sneaks out under the shirt ties. Devon leaves the ties undone. She is such a sexy young woman when she tries. She's going to drive the male population of Angle Grove High crazy with lust.

"You better take a jacket, it's cold and windy outside." Marinda says.

Devon reaches for a leather duster. In one quick motion she puts on the coat and picks up her book bag and is nearly out the door when Marinda stops her.

"What about breakfast ? You need to eat something." she says.

"I'll get something at the Youth Center. I've got to get out of here." Devon says.

"Just be careful. The doctor told you to take it easy for the next couple of days." Marinda says.

"I know. I've been put on medical leave for the next two weeks. I've got nothing to do but stew around and think about nothing. I'll see you later." Devon says.


Devon walks directly to the counter.

"Morning, Devon." Ernie says.

"Morning, Ernie. You got anything good to eat ?" she asks.

"Yeah, I got just the thing." Ernie says.

Devon watches as he puts together some fruit, cheese, and bread. He pours a tall glass of her favorite tea.

"Thank you Ernie, you're a lifesaver." Devon says and hands him the money.

"No, that's your job." Ernie says.

Devon smiles, a little nervous and goes over to a table.

Tanya, Billy, Adam and Rocky walk in and see Devon. The boys don't recognize her at first. Even Tanya has to look twice.

"Give me a second." she says and goes over to Devon.

"I didn't expect to see you back at school so soon." Tanya says.

"Huh, oh, like I said the other day, it's nothing. Besides it's either go to school or go nuts. I'm on medical leave for the next two weeks as it is." Devon begins. "How's Tommy doing?" she asks.

"It's hard to tell. He's really shy and quiet." Tanya says.

"Why don't you and your friends join me. I really don't like eating alone." Devon offers.

Tanya nods and gestures for Adam, Rocky, and Billy to join them.

"Is Jason feeling all right? He looked positively out of it the other night." Devon asks.

"The doctors gave him something for the pain. He's sleeping it off." Rocky says.

All three boys are struck dumb by the sight of Devon. They can't help but notice how gorgeous she is.

"Would it help if I talked to Tommy? Maybe it would be easier for him to talk to someone he doesn't know very well." Devon asks.

"What makes you think he'd talk to you and not us?" Rocky snaps.

"Rocky, she's only trying to help. There's no need for you to be so rude." Tanya admonishes him.

"It's all right . There's no guarantee he will. Sometimes the best of friends make the worst listeners. It often takes a complete stranger to help them deal with something like this." Devon says.

The guys realize that she means no harm to their friend and leader and just maybe she can help.

"That would be nice. Tanya says.

"OK, I'll go see him after my last class." Devon says as she drinks some of the tea.

"What are you drinking?" Billy asks after getting a look at it.

"*Green Tea. I always have it in the morning. It's a great way to get started on the day. You want some ?" Devon says.

{author's note: the Arizona Drink Company makes this and other interesting drinks}

She offers Billy a taste of the tea. When the ginseng hits his system, almost instantly after swallowing, Billy is more awake than he would like to be.

"This is amazing. What's in this tea ?" Billy asks.

"Ginseng mostly and whatever they use to make tea. The buzz is great. It helps me get through the school day especially if I had the late shift at the hospital." Devon says. "Do you want one? I'll order one for you if you like."

"Not this time. But thank you anyway." Billy says.

Devon zones out as a memory tries to resurface. The others are talking and don't notice at first.


A Jerusalem hotel two years ago. A group of teenagers and their teachers are gathered in the lobby. They are waiting for something or someone. A van sits outside the lobby doors. When one of the doors swings open, a younger, more innocent, Devon catches the scent of explosives. No one else notices it but she tries to warn them anyway.,

"Mrs. Wheeler, we've got to get out of here. There's something wrong with that van outside." Devon says.

"Nonsense. We're going to wait here for our bus and that's that." Mrs. Wheeler says.

"Ma'am we can't say . . ." her voice trails off seconds before the blast rocks the hotel.

"MICHAEL, NO!" she shouts as she watches her boyfriend and lover is crushed under tons of debris.


"Devon, are you all right ? You looked lost or something." Tanya asks.

She looks around in confusion. "It seemed so real." she says.

"What happened?" Billy asks.

"Just a memory trying to come back. It's hard when it comes back like that. All in a rush, it really hurts." Devon says. Then it hits her. "Oh my god, Michael. I didn't even remember him." She lets all the pain and memories flood her senses. Some of the love and passion flood her senses and she zones out.

"Devon, Devon, are you all right? What's wrong?" Tanya asks. She doesn't respon until the other girl touches her shoulder and Devon snaps back in a rush she nearly topples over.

"What was that?" Tanya asks. "Oh my god, Michael. It's been so long." Devon says and she leans on Tanya, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Who is 'Michael'" Billy asks.

"My boyfriend. He was killed in Jerusalem two years ago. I still have trouble remembering what exactly happened that day. All I really know for certin is that there was a bomb and a lot of people died. I can't believe I forgot about him. I just wish I could remember more, damn." she says.

Devon finishes her breakfast in silence as the others try to comfort and protect her. In another corner of the Youth Center Marinda smiles as she watches her sister.


The school day is uneventful except for the fact that all the students that arrived for the day made sure to thank Devon when they see her. This makes her very uncomfortable. Rocky sees her at her locker and approaches. He touches her shoulder and manages to scare her.

"Easy, Devon, it's just me. What's wrong?" he says.

"Nothing. It's stupid. I can't get away from people and their gratitude. I was just doing my job. They are just getting on my nerves. Thank god this is my last class or I would go absolutely nuts." she says.

"You're going to see Tommy right after, right?"

"Yep and then I'm heading up into the mountains for some peace and quiet. I need to be alone for awhile." she says.

Rocky walks with her to her Biology class and then heads for his own. With Rocky along no one says anything to her and she is grateful for small favors. Biology ended up being more about the quake than anything else and it drives Devon to leave early claiming nausea from the * meds she is taking. {author's note:* medication}


Devon knocks on the door to room 498.

"Come in." Tommy says, a little wired from all the excess noise.

"Would you like some company?" she asks.

He nods and Devon comes in and sits down.

"Are you feeling any better?"

"Not really. My head's still spinning and all this damn noise is driving me crazy." he says.

"What noise? Hospitals are usually the quietest places around, except for libraries." Devon says not understanding right away what's happening.

"It's not on this floor, at least I don't think it is. Whatever it is, it's really annoying. I can't get to sleep. That and the dreams."

"I know about dreams. Tell me about the sounds. How distinct are they?" she asks fearing what he may not say.

"I can hear people walking by, actually hear their footsteps on the floor. I can hear them talking down the hall. If that wasn't bad enough, this place smells funny. I don't know what it is but it is disgusting." Tommy says.

Devon snickers, "I know the feeling. It's all the chemicals they use here. It's really gross."

"Don't make fun of me. I can't stand this."

"Oh, I'm not, Tommy. It's just I never thought there would be another so close by. It's amazing."

"What are you talking about? Another what?"

"Take my hand and tell me what happens." Devon instructs.

Tommy does as he's told. The instant their hands meet it happens. Tommy is struck by something he never had with Kat. She smells so good, like a fragrant sea breeze with just a touch of sweet musk. Her hand feels so warm and soft yet strong. He sees her for the first time not as just another girl in school but as a woman. Fine bones in her face, her eyes, so green and luminous. The elegant lines of her neck and body, the raw strength unmatched in anyone he has ever known in his life. He can't believe he never noticed her before. Devon notices that Tommy is very different from any other young man she has ever known, even Michael. There is strength and sensitivity in this scared boy. She can feel his strength and power. His eyes are so deep she feels like she's falling into them. She can't believe she's been afraid to even talk to him. All too soon they come out of what ever had taken them away when a doctor comes in.

"I just thought you'd like to know Tommy. Your parents have signed you out and you can go home any time now. You still have to take it easy for a few days and I want to see you back here in a week so I can take those stitches out." he says, not paying attention to what the teens were doing.

"I can handle the stitches if he prefers. I've done it before, especially on myself."

"That's fine but I still want to make sure it's healing properly." he says.

He motions to Devon. She joins him in the hall.

"What's going on? I get the feeling I interrupted something."

"Just trying to answer a question. He's going to be all right , isn't he. I know it's going to take a while for him to get over the loss of Kat but other than that there's nothing wrong with him?" Devon asks.

"Nothing a few days rest won't help. What were you doing?" the doctor asks.

"I think he's another Sentinel. Two in one town defies the odds. It's going to take a while before he really masters all of it, if I'm any indication. This is going to be interesting. He's probably listening to us right now wondering what we're talking about. Are his parents coming up?" Devon says.

"Yes. They should be here in a few minutes." the doctor says.

"All right. I'm going back in and see what he heard. I'll talk to you later." Devon says.

The doctor nods and goes off to continue his rounds. Devon goes back into the room. Tommy pulls on a red T-shirt and turns to face her.

"How did you know I would be listening and what is a 'Sentinel'?" he asks.

"I always listen through doors and walls. It's a survival instinct, especially in this day and age. As for being a Sentinel, that makes you very special. You have a sensory advantage over many people. It will help that you're into martial arts, you can pass it off as part of your training. It's hell when you have to try to explain that you can hear or see or anything else that other people can't. No one bothers me about it because I'm a medic, they think it's just part of the training we get. Don't worry, I'll help you as much as I can. Maybe we can get Marianda to help us both. We can begin whenever you want." Devon says, she stops when she hears his parents coming.

She looks over at him, "Do you hear them? They're over at the elevator."

"Yes. This is going to take some getting used to." Tommy says.

"You may not want to tell them right away, at least until you can get a hold on it. There's no telling how they'll react. They may even think you're losing it." Devon says.

Tommy smiles. His parents come in and see Devon.

She stands to leave, "I'll see you later, Tommy."

His father stops her from leaving, "You're the one who saved our son, aren't you?"

"I was the one who found him, yes. The paramedics helped me dig him out." she says.

Devon tries to get out of the room before anything else happens but isn't that lucky, "Thank you so much for saving him. I don't know what we would have done if anything had happened to him." his mother fusses.

Devon just nods, afraid if she says anything it wouldn't sound to nice. Tommy notices and snickers at her.

"Very funny Tommy. Loads of laughter."

She leaves. When she is down the hall she whispers so only Tommy can hear her.

"Meet me at the foot of Angel Mountain later and we can begin." she says and enters the elevator.

"Is it all right if I go up to the mountains? I need to be alone for a while and that seems to be the quietest place." Tommy asks.

His parents think about this for a few seconds then agree.





Next time look for Tommy to learn how to use his new found skill and to combine it with being a Zeo Ranger. Also look for Devon to open up more and remember.