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Sentinel/Power Rangers Zeo crossover




by Red Falcon





It's a spectacular spring morning in Angle Grove. Birds are singing, the sky is a lovely shade of light blue. One would think nothing could go wrong but that's usually when it does.

In the mountains outside the town a young woman struggles up the steep mountainside. She is not alone but feels like it. With her is her sister and confidant, the only one in the family that knows what is going on with her. She is concentrating on the feel of the rock, feeling for handholds that would be missed by anyone else, feeling for shifts in the mountain itself, a prelude to an earthquake. She hears and sees nothing but what she is doing. Soon both girls are at the top and they fall to the ground winded and tired.

"That was great, Devon. *Your concentration is getting better. How do you feel?" Marinda, Devon's older sister, asks.

"Tired. My ears are ringing a little but otherwise I feel great. I could really feel the mountain. I'm serious, Marinda, the mountain is alive. I could feel the heat rising up from inside the rock, not just the heat from the sun. It is the most amazing thing I have ever felt in my life. I'm glad you talked me into coming up here." Devon says as she looks out over the city beyond the range.

{author's note: Devon Romaine is only now beginning to master her Sentinel abilities and her concentration is not the best. this will help her to understand.}

Devon spies a hawk as it hunts for a meal. She zooms in on it and watches as it finds a jackrabbit and streaks down after it. She follows it so closely that she nearly goes over the edge of the cliff.

"Easy there Devon. You've got to be careful or you'll get yourself killed." Marinda says.

"Nuts, I'm never going to get used to the ZONE OUT." Devon says after stepping back from the edge.

"Don't worry, that's why I'm here. You do realize that I won't be here forever, though. You are going to have to trust someone sooner or later. It's just to dangerous not to have someone close that knows what's going on. * Professor Sandburg's notes say that the ZONE OUT is the most dangerous thing about being a Sentinel. You should read his work. He has a lot of information on people with one or two senses. I heard that he was working on a project with someone with all five like you." Marinda says. {author's note: Blair Sandburg is in the show The Sentinel. he works with Jim Ellison as he uses his ability as a cop.}

"Marianda, there's something I need to tell you. I guess I should have said something when it started. . . . . Oh hell, not now." Devon begins. She falls to her knees, hands wrapped around her head in pain. "What is it? What's happening?" Marianda asks. "The visions, they're back." Devon whimpers.

**Battles, giant monsters, strange machines, and costumed warriors do battle in her mind's eye. A floating head is saying something to her but she can't hear it right now.** "Gods, I hate that. My head is spinning." she moans and lays back on the warm rock.

"What the hell was that?" Marianda demands.

"What I wanted to tell you. Visions, sometimes I get these images of stuff. Sometimes what I see happens sometimes it doesn't. All in all it is really annoying. Now, since the hypersenses kicked in, they get painful when it happens. I bet your professor wouldn't know the first thing about a hyper sixth sense would he?"

"Probably not. I'm gonna call him later and ask him about it. How often does this happen?" her sister asks.

"Not very. The worst it's ever been was . . . . . when I tried to kill myself that time. Now, it's not so bad, it's just painful."

Marianda nods, she understands more now than she did three years ago.

"I realize I didn't know what was goin' on and I was scared out of my mind, wondering if I was going crazy. I'm just glad you stopped me. I can't believe I was going to throw all of this away. It happened again when we were in the Holy Land. I tried to warn the teacher about the bomb but she wouldn't listen and all those people died. We better get back before mom and dad get worried." Devon says.

She doesn't want to think about having to explain her hyper senses to anyone right now. The climb down is easier than the one up. Soon the two girls are walking through the park on their way to Marinda's car. Devon stops all of a sudden, hearing something in the distance. Marinda doesn't notice right away that Devon isn't with her.

"Where the hell did I put my car." she says looking around the parking lot.

When Devon doesn't respond Marinda goes looking for her. Marinda finds her sister watching two young men working out. Practicing their martial arts Devon watches them intently, they have no idea she is there. Devon is more interested in their moves then who they are. Marinda comes up behind her quietly and taps her on the shoulder.

"Come on we've got to get home, it's getting late and mom'll be worried." Devon snaps out of her trance-like state and follows.


The school day is half over for most of the students at Angle Grove High School but for Devon Romaine school is over for another day. She dashes for the locker room so she can change for her shift as an Emergency Medical Technician for Angle Grove Memorial Hospital. She looks at her watch and realizes that she is going to be late no matter how fast she tries to go. Devon slams the locker closed rather loudly and attracts the attention of two of the school's most popular girls as they get ready for gym class.

"What's wrong?" Kat asks.

"Nothing that an extra twenty minutes won't cure." Devon answers from behind a privacy screen. "I can't believe that Mrs. Waters is so damn long winded. Damn I am going to be so late. I hope Paul is waiting otherwise I'm never going to get there." she says to herself.

"Where are you going that you're so late?" Tanya asks not recognizing the other girl's voice.

At that point Devon comes out in uniform and Tanya's eyes go wide in surprise.

"The hospital, my shift starts in ten minutes, damn I am not going to make it." she says.

Devon throws her things into a large gym bag, "Excuse me but I've got to run."

As Devon is almost to the locker room door she walks into Tanya and is stopped cold. Devon locks eyes with Tanya and feels something strange begin to happen. Just as suddenly as it happens Devon shakes herself back to reality. "I've, ah, I've got to go, I'm late." she says and is gone.

"That was strange. Are you all right, Kat?" she says.

"Yeah, it's just a little strange. She just reminds me of Tommy when he's in a hurry. It's kind of funny." Kat says absently.

She's been acting strange all day and she doesn't understand why. She shakes herself and passes it off as post weekend blues.

"What are you doing after school?" Kat asks trying to put down an uneasy feeling that just crept into her bones.

"I was going to go to the mall. There's a sale at the GAP. 50% off Dockers, wanna come?" Tanya says

"Yeah, then we can meet the guys at the Youth Center." Kat says.

At that moment the ground begins to shake. Not much but enough to worry Kat as she and Tanya head for their next class.

For the next hour and a half there are no more tremors then a brief, loud, and powerful shake up. Kat grabs for Tommy as the class tries to recover their wits. Outside they hear car alarms and glass settling. Kat holds onto Tommy for a moment longer then sits back.

"It's over, for now." Mrs. Appleby says, relaxing.

The entire class jumps when the bell rings for the last class of the day. Tommy stops, cocks his head to one side, listening.

He hears the deep and distant rumbling of an approaching quake, "Oh shit, not again." he says.

"What? What's wrong, bro?" Jason asks.

"It's happening again." Tommy begins to explain.

He doesn't get very far, not that it matters, the building begins to shake. It does not stop after only a few seconds. Tommy grabs Kat and heads for a doorway to wait out the worst of the falling debris. Jason and the others run for other places to hide.


It sounds like a freight train rumbling through their very soul. It keeps getting louder and louder, it won't stop. Then the ground begins to shake. There is no way to remain standing. Oh God ! it is so loud. Glass is breaking, walls are falling, there is dust hanging in the air making it hard to breath. Somewhere there is an electrical short. All you can do is hope and pray that it ends soon. It is all so maddening there is no way to tell when or if it will end.


It's over now. People are milling around in shock. The doorway where Tommy and Kat were hiding is filled with debris and there is no sign of them. Jason tries to get to them but Mr. Caplan herds him and the others outside.

"But Mr. Caplan, Tommy and Kat are still in there." Jason says.

"I know but there is a gas leak and we have to evacuate. C'mon help me with the others" the principal says.

Jason, reluctantly, obeys and helps with the evacuation. Outside there are rescue squads and fire engines and police cars all over the place.

Devon walks up to Mr. Caplan and helps him with the injured students.

"I've got him, sir. You need to sit down." she says.

She leads the principal and his group over to her ambulance.

"That's it settle down. Paul, I need help over here." Devon shout to her partner.

Paul trots up to see the small group and grabs the emergikit.

"All right, what have we got here?" he says to her.

Devon examines each of the students and Mr. Caplan.

"Lots of cuts and bruises. Jason's got a dislocated shoulder and a nasty gash on his forehead. Take it easy, I've got to clean this out and bandage it before you bleed to death." Devon says.

Jason doesn't recognize her when she is in uniform and is surprised that this EMT knows his name.

His eyes are glazing over, "Shit! He's going into shock. Paul ! get me a blanket quick."

Her shouts get Tanya's and Rocky's attention. Tanya recognizes her at once.

"Devon, what are you doing here?" she asks.

"We got the call five minutes ago. Will you two sit down? It's not helping any to be wandering around. Where is Tommy and Kat?"

"They're still inside I think. Who are you?" Rocky says.

"Devon Romaine, I'm trained for this, don't worry. Here sit down on this. Where did you last see them?" She helps the confused boy to sit on the bumper of the ambulance.

"They tried to hide under the door jam of Mrs. Appleby room. There's nothing but debris there now. They're trapped." Jason mumbles.

"SHIT ! SHIT ! SHIT ! This isn't over yet. Paul, I'm going in there. Tell the engine company. I've got to find them before another one hits." Devon says and takes off before he can stop her.

"Devon ! Wait." Paul shouts, it's no use. He gets the attention of a passing paramedic, "My partner just went inside the school after two students."

"That was stupid." is all he says before he goes and tells his captain. The engine captain sends four men in after her.

None of them get very far before another quake hits. Devon fares better than the firemen. Those poor guys stumble all over the place trying to stay on their feet.

"Go with it. Don't try to fight it or you will get hurt." Devon shouts.

It ends as quickly as it begins. Devon continues on towards Mrs. Appleby's room, her senses are hyper alert for more trouble. As she nears the room she hears the tell-tale sound of fallen power lines.

"I've got something over here!" She crawls over the collapsed walls and into the room. The scent of charred flesh assaults her sensitive nose and she gags, "FUCK, I found a body" Devon shouts in surprise, trying not to get sick as she looks at the fried body of a teenage girl.

She is about to leave the room when her hyper hearing picks up a soft moan. "I've got a live one here. Get a stretcher, quick." she says.

She fights to keep her lunch down as she digs for the sound. The smell of cooked human flesh fills the room competing with the rising gas level. Soon Devon uncovers the sound and sees Tommy. At that moment she realizes who the dead body is.

"Oh man. Let's get him out of here before he comes to." Devon says. They lift the moaning form on to the stretcher and carefully carry him out of the building. "It's all right, you're safe now, Tommy." she whispers into his ear and he calms down some. They put him on the ground just in time, another quake rocks the school and collapses the room they were just in.

"That was too close." the paramedic says.

Devon just nods and proceeds to check Tommy over.

"Damn, he's all messed up inside. It feels like broken ribs This is a nasty bruise. Concussion, do you think? We've got to get him out of here NOW !" Devon says.

She helps them lift Tommy into another ambulance. As soon as the doors close it's off racing of the hospital with its precious cargo.

"Is he going to be OK?" Tanya asks.

"I don't know. I just don't know." Devon says. She starts back into the building when Rocky stops her, "Where's Kat? Did you see her in there?" Devon is terribly distracted to answer him honestly, "No, I'm going back inside. You've got to stay here, Rocky."


At the moment Kat is struck by the falling power line her Zeo crystal materializes in the Power Chamber, startling Alpha badly.

"What is this doing here?" he says.


"Right away Zordon." Alpha says.

As he scans the remains of the school he comes across the demolished class room and her body.

"Ai yiyiyiyi, Zordon. Kat is dead." he says suddenly very agitated.


"But what are we going to do without a pink ranger. The team is incomplete without a pink ranger." Alpha says.



Devon comes stumbling out of the rubble with two more survivors and falls to the ground, exhausted.

"Devon ! What's wrong?" Paul asks.

"Can't keep this up anymore. Too tired." she says.

Devon promptly passes out. Paul tends to the new arrivals then notices how pale his partner is. He turns over care to a new group of paramedics and goes over to Devon. She looks like she's asleep but he notices how cold she is. He reaches up to feel her forehead and sees the blood on his hand.

" Well shit. Devon you've done it to yourself now haven't you?" he says to her unconscious form.

Paul lifts her into their ambulance then crawls up to the driver's side and races for the hospital.

It turns out that her injuries aren't that bad. Devon is awake before they get to the hospital. "What's going on?" she asks, confused.

"Just rest we're almost to the ER. Let them check you out before you complain, please." Paul says.

Devon is too tired to fight him. She is asleep again in seconds.


Devon sits on an exam table as the doctor checks her over again. She is still very tired but is cooperating with him.

"Those gashes are going to bug you for a few days but don't touch them except to change the dressings. Understand?" he says.

Devon nods, yawning in his face. "Sorry. Guess the day's finally catching up with me." she says.

"That's all right. You should go home and get some sleep." the doctor advises.

"After I check on one of the guys I found today. His girlfriend is dead. Electrocuted" she says. Devon shakes at the memory. "Has he been told yet?" she asks.

The doctor shakes his head no, "We are going to have the staff psychiatrist tell him."

Devon stands and starts out of the room, "Not a good idea. It should be someone he knows. He is in love with her and coming from a stranger is just going to alienate him from everything and everyone."

"Whatever, as long as you don't go telling him."

"As long as he doesn't ask. Otherwise I won't lie." Devon says.

She heads upstairs to Tommy's room.


Devon carefully enters his room not wanting to disturb him if he is asleep. Tommy is very much awake and bugging his friends about Katherin. Jason turns when he hears the door open. She had changed into scrubs and looks different once again but Tanya recognizes her.

"Are you all right. Come in and sit down." she says.

"Yes, it's just a cut. Got a few stitches and a tetanus shot though, ya know, just in case. How are you feeling Tommy?" Devon says.

"Whopper of a headache and it hurts to breath but I'm fine. No one will tell me about Kat. Have you seen her? Jason and Tanya said you brought me out." Tommy asks.

"I wish you hadn't asked. I found her in the room with you. There was nothing I or the Paramedics could do for her. She was hit by an electrical surge. I'm so sorry Tommy, Kat is dead."

Tommy just deflates. The others are equally shocked.

"When I asked you earlier you said you hadn't seen her. What gives?" Jason asks angry at her for lying to him earlier.

"I don't remember you asking. When ever I get in the middle of a rescue, I ZONE OUT and all that matters is saving lives. I rarely remember if someone asks me something or says something to me. You can't take it personally. That's why I often check on the families and patients, to see if I missed anything."




One of the Rangers will undergo an interesting change.