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All right, all right, so I finally got around to doing something. I saw this challenge and this thing came to mind.

All those pesky disclaimers apply here . Just be warned guys, I'm doing this at 8:15 in the morning and am not completely awake yet.

Thanks to a very talented writer named Tate, I got this idea and decided to write it down. If you haven't glanced at 'Remebering the Silences' you might want to in order for this to make any sense. Sorry about that.

Summary: One night after a long and tiring day at the station doing paperwork, a cops favorite thing, yeah right.

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Just Thinking

By Red Falcon

**This day was too long, way too long.** Jim Ellison thinks to himself as he stretches his long, overly stressed body out on the couch and tries to relax.

He opens his senses up and hears his partner and best friend typing furiously away on his computer mumbling to himself. He has to smile to himself and wonder at his friend's energy. Both men just returned to the loft from one of the most boring days for either of them, a day when all they did was paperwork.

**Well, no matter how dull the routine, Sandburg would find even that interesting.** Jim says to himself and smiles again at his luck or was it in fact destiny.

After all a Sentinel does need a Guide and a man does need a friend every now and then. A friend, that is an interesting way to look at it. How could a strong willed veteran cop and ex-Special Forces operative even consider someone like Blair Sandburg a friend. Much less let this strange little man into his life so far that life without him around seems too painful to even consider. Jim listens again as Blair tries not to make too much noise grading his papers and making notes for some lecture the next day. Then he listens to the entire world around them and marvels, once again, at everything he can hear and feel, about this same world that up until three years ago was cut off to him.

**That's the first reason I let him into my life. I know that I would have gone absolutely nuts without him. Now that he is here, I don't want to deal with the thought of him ever leaving. If I really think about it, life before Blair Sandburg was lonely. I don't think he even knows how much his being in my life has changed me but it has. There's plenty to be said for being a loner but there is more to life than that. No matter how long Blair is around and how much he sees because of it, he has this zest for life and all it has to offer that can't be beat down, I like that.** Jim thinks once again at his fortune at finding such a loyal partner and trusted friend.

These thoughts do much to relax him as he lets the tensions of the day drift away. He lets his thoughts slide in and out of conscious reach and slips into a light relaxing sleep to the sound of Blair's chattering and scribbling.

The next coherent thought in Ellison's mind wasn't really a thought but the smell of breakfast. Somehow between the last thing he could remember thinking and the smell of food, he managed to go up stairs to his bed and get a good night's sleep and also managed to oversleep. No big deal really, nothing important waiting at the station for him. With nothing earth shattering to do or think about Jim walks to the bathroom and takes a nice, long, hot shower. He wants to linger under the hot spray but the smell of Blair's cooking is too enticing so he quickly finishes and returns to his room to get dressed then back downstairs to eat.

**At least it's not some weird concoction like the other night that made me gag.** "Not bad, Chief." he comments.

Blair looks over at his friend and wonders at his good mood but says nothing least it vanish.

"What's the lecture about this morning?" Jim asks.

Blair looks up at him wondering how he knew. "You were mumbling about it all night. I didn't listen too close but ......." he let the rest drop as he watches for a reaction.

"Just more on island tribes and continental tribes, nothing too dramatic. I should be done around 11:30 though." Blair says.

"Sounds good to me, how about lunch afterward?" Jim says around a forkful of eggs.

"That's great. Maybe something outside, I am so sick of being cooped up. I don't know about you but that paperwork session yesterday was for the birds. I'm still bouncing off the walls." Blair says laughing at himself.

**If I'm bugged at being stuck inside what is it doing to Jim with his heightened senses.** Blair says to himself.

Jim laughs and heartily agrees, "We'll get something takeout and go over to the park. Are you sure you're gonna be able to deal with the lecture after yesterday?" Jim says with a twinkle in his eyes.

Blair nearly chokes on his food trying not to laugh. "I walked into that one didn't I? Don't answer that. Yeah, it's a short one this time. The whole thing is a series of mini-lectures so they don't get too bored with the subject." he says settling down some.

"What are you going to be doing till I'm done?" Blair asks.

"Nothing much. We got caught up yesterday and there's nothing waiting for us. I thought I'd just relax and wait for you. I am staying far away from the station today least Simon comes up with something for me to do. I do not need another round of desk work for a while, I'm in too good a mood to deal with anymore work." he says.

Blair smiles in agreement. He cleans up the breakfast mess and gathers his stuff for the day and Jim drives him to the university.

Blair heads for the lecture hall after saying good bye to Jim. He has to wonder at his unlikely friendship with the man.

**We are so opposite it's not even funny. A tough ex-soldier and cop hanging around a neo-hippy grad student. Oh man what would Freud say about this? No, I'm not gonna go there. I always manage to analyze this to death and get absolutely nowhere. Jim Ellison is my friend and I don't need to know why. He's the best friend I'll ever have. That feels so good and so right I don't want to even know why it is. Who would have believed it, not only did I find this research subject but that he would turn out to be a true and loyal, and maybe a little over protective friend. Damn if I'm not doing it again. Enough with the analysis of all this.** Blair says to himself as he sets up for the lecture.

Students begin to file in and take seats. Blair doesn't notice that at the back of the lecture hall in the shadows a familiar pair of eyes watch him with a smile of appreciation on his face. He settles in to listen to the latest in the lecture series even though the subject matter is so beyond his own experience to make it boring but he likes watching his animated partner. Somehow Blair manages to take the most boring topic and make it at least tolerable.

True enough, Blair is ready to leave his office at 11:30. As soon as he reaches daylight he sees his friend lounging on one of the benches enjoying the sun.

**Sometimes I have to wonder what the sun feels like for him.** Blair thinks as he watches.

"It feels great. It's like a comforting embrace only better. I've got an idea. C'mon, let's go find a less crowded place where we can talk." Jim says.

He has been trying to come up with a way to show Blair just how much he values having him around when he remembered what his friend had said after the second incident with Veronica Saris. When he remembered that Blair had wished he had been in a better frame of mind to truly experience what Jim's senses were like, he decided that today would be the best time to show him and maybe get a little testing done without the young man even realizing it. They find a place that is not only sunny but out of the way behind the Student Union.

"Sit down. I've been thinking about something you said a while back when I had to use my senses through you to find where Veronica was keeping you." Jim says as he watches his friend for any sign of distress but there isn't any.

All Jim is seeing is curiosity and above all trust.

"I remember how it was overwhelming at the time but you didn't know who you were and of coarse you were in pain." Jim continues.

"Yeah, I had wished I was in my right mind at the time to . . . . . . ." Blair's voice trails off as the implications hit him.

"If you don't want to try this I'll understand. I just thought I would give you an opportunity to fully experience this without any distractions like crazed kidnappers or death threats or imminent death" he says.

"If you're sure. This is incredible. I have always wondered what it's like having senses like yours." Blair says excited.

"Are you sure about this? I don't want to do anything that will hurt you." Jim says.

"I know, I just never expected this. What do you want me to do?" Blair says as he looks up at his tall friend with a smile on his face.

Jim relaxes and sits down infront of him. He says nothing at first but then Blair feels the thread of their link come to life and his sense of touch starts to expand. It's all Blair can do not to get overly excited as he fully experiences the sun's warmth for the first time. All the tension from the last few days melts away as the sun penetrates his tired bones, he sighs mentally and Jim smiles.

**This is the perfect way to see how much he can handle and not put him at too great of a risk. This screwy link of ours is dangerous enough as it is being so unpredictable. It's too dangerous to try and force a danger connection but maybe this way we can test it and have a little fun while we're at it.** Jim says to himself as he watches his partner enjoy the feel of the sun.

**Is it like this all the time? Does the sun really feel this good?**

**Yeah, it does, Chief. You like it?**

**Are you kidding this is great. I could sit here all day like this.**

**Why don't we try another one, we can come back to this in a minute, OK?**

**Sure, if you're sure you want to do this.**

**I started this remember. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now. Hold on I'm gonna tone down the touch and bring something else up, so just relax.**

The sun's warmth tones down to normal levels and then another sense takes over, never really leaving him lacking. This time Jim turns up his sense of hearing slowly so as not to scare the hell out of his young Guide. The thread of their link is as strong as ever as Blair's hearing gets better. Since Jim sends it to him slowly he isn't overwhelmed like the last time. He can hear the other kids and teachers inside the building, he can hear the myriad of cars and computers and sundry sounds that make up campus life. It's all so confusing but alive, Blair has to wonder how Jim is able to deal with it and not go totally nuts.

**It's not easy, Chief. As long as you're around I can deal with it.**

**This is totally amazing. I never realized how alive this place really is. . . . . . What is that? It sounds like it's coming from somewhere in the trees.**

**Birds most likely. Wait, I hear it too. It's a hawk.**

**This is so incredible I can't even tell you what I'm feeling right now.**

**You don't have to, I can see it. This next one will be a little harder to deal with here but it's a good one.** Jim tones down his sense of hearing and concentrates on his sense of smell.

He knows that he has chosen these senses to start with because it is very useful in tracking and it will, in the future if necessary, help him track down his wayward Guide if they get separated again. That and seeing the reaction his friend is having to Jim's heightened senses sent through him makes this unconventional test worth it. Blair nearly gags on the odorous assault but calms down and explores what his nose is sending him. The first scent that comes to him is that of Jim. He opens his eyes to look. Jim is sitting right there in front of him watching and waiting. Then he catches his own scent in relation to his friend.

**Is that how you find me? Am I that distinct?**

**To me you are.**

**Now I know why I always feel better when I know you're around.** Blair begins to doze off, he is so relaxed.

This next one is the biggy. To send Blair his sense of sight just may send the young teacher over the edge no matter how calm and relaxed he is. **This next one is going to be the hardest one to handle. I'm going to give you my eyes.** Blair perks right up and leans forward.

**Just go slow. I remember it was painful in the darkness of that hold.**

**Don't worry, Chief, I'll go slow but you've got to stay calm no matter what. Let me know if it's too much and I'll pull back.**

**OK.** Blair keeps his eyes closed at first. When he sees the sunlight get brighter on his eyelids he opens his eyes slowly and sees the world in a whole new way.

His breath quickens for a moment then settles down as he gets used to the sudden clarity. He looks at everything trying to capture all the wonders he is seeing. He spots movement in the trees and with Jim's help focuses in on it. Neither man can help it when they laugh at seeing a lizard scampering through a bush. Automatically Blair wants to hear that critter and Jim obliges by turning up his hearing.

**We'll turn you into a Sentinel in no time, huh, Chief.** Blair laughs at that.

He stops and listens to his own laughter for a moment. All this new information about himself and his Sentinel and friend is so incredible, too incredible for words. He just doesn't know how to express how good it feels to have Jim for a friend and for him to let Blair experience the wonders of his world. A content and warm feeling rushes through him and Blair, for the first time, picks it up. Jim is watching the play of emotion across Blair's face and body as he enjoys the sensory experience, when he hears his stomach start to growl.

Blair giggles, "Guess we should get something to eat before we get too lost, right."

"Yeah, we can pick this up later. Maybe even try letting you have it all." Jim says.

Blair looks at him in wonder. To truly know Jim's world, the way he sees it will be the trip of a lifetime in a lifetime of new experiences with his Sentinel and best friend.

THE END. . . . . . . FOR NOW

well, what did you think?? was it good for you?? i know it was good for me.

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It's not much but it's something, right. This is my first completed fanfic so give me a break. It took me two and a half hours to do this and a lot of backspaces and my backspace key is so damn small I keep missing it.